AdDuplex HERO APPS (expired)

AdDuplex HERO APPS is a program of benefits aimed at helping developers to boost their apps. We provide developers with a free access to various tools and resources, contributing to their app growth and success on the Windows Store platforms.

How does it work?

AdDuplex HERO APPS provides valuable benefits to all apps participating in the program.
To participate in the program you need to apply for the HERO APPS in 30 days after your app or game was launched on AdDuplex cross-promotion network. That’s it!
After applying for the program, your app will be assigned to one of the four HERO (HOT, EPIC, ROYAL, OMG!) levels and receive a respective package of benefits.

What benefits are there?

Every app in the program will be awarded one of the four packages:

What do I get?

100% exchange ratio on AdDuplex for 1 month. Your app will receive a 1:1 exchange ratio on AdDuplex network for the whole month. This means that for every 10 ads you show in your app, your app will be promoted 10 times in other apps on AdDuplex network.

Voucher to advertise on AdDuplex. You will receive a voucher ($50, $100 or $250) to start an ad campaign and promote your app on AdDuplex network!

@AdDuplex tweet about your app. AdDuplex has a large community of Windows Phone app lovers. We will tweet about your app to make it more visible!

TechRewards Points. You will receive a voucher to redeem points (50 PTS or 100 PTS) on Microsoft TechRewards. Add them to your already hard-earned points and spend it on something fun or useful!

AppDeals feature campaign presented by AdDeals. You will receive a feature campaign slot to promote your app on AppDeals. Attract thousands of downloads just in a couple of days!

App listing in AppRaisin Spotlight. Your app will be featured on AppRaisin Spotlight for 3 days. Share the greatness of your app and get immediate feedback from broad Windows 10 user community.

App review on Windows Central. Your app will be covered by Windows Central team. Enjoy being popular!

Offical rules:

  1. Application to AdDuplex HERO APPS program is open to apps and games participating in AdDuplex cross-promotion network. Application is open 30 days after the app was activated on the network.
  2. All apps and games can apply for the program only once.
  3. To be eligible for the program you must have or create an account on AdDuplex, implement AdDuplex banner or interstitial ads into your Windows Phone app or game and publish it to the official Windows Phone Store.
  4. By participating in "AdDuplex HERO APPS" program you agree that your submission along with your name can be published publicly by AdDuplex.
  5. All program participants will receive attributed benefit packages the next month after the application.
  6. The benefits included in each program package are listed in program description.
  7. All program participants will receive an e-mail containing instructions on how to use the benefit package.
  8. The winner will be solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes, import and/or other duties in a country of his/her residence if necessary.